Robots Robotics And Advancement in Its Research Works

In this technological era, human being done lots of technological inventions, many of those are for the good purposes and some for the bad reasons. But all include nothing else rather knowledge and its application. Currently, all over the world research on Robots and robotics are continuously going on. Robots, its technology and useA robot is an electromechanical machine act as an artificial agent to perform some job. It is generally directed by computer system and program or electronic circuitry. It can be controlled autonomously by computer programmed chip, semi autonomously or remotely by some human help. It varies a lot from Nano-robots, robo swarm, and various industrial robots. The technological division that carries on the task and research on or with robots is known as robotics. The research of robots and robotic is a huge part of technology that mainly deals with robot design, its construction, its performing actions and its application. Associated with the designing of the robots, the research works deals with computer systems and their controlling, sensory feedback of the machinery, and information processing systems. Robotic technologies deal with automated electromechanical machines that have the ability to take the position of humans, in many hazardous job or many dangerous industrialized processes. Sometimes it may simply resemble humans in many household task performing. Advancement in the research of roboticsThese robots, by mimicking or having a human like appearance and automating movements may look like actual humans that require much more advanced outlook finishing tactics and technologies. In the current time, scientists are wanted to implement AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence inside the robots. The AI or sense of intelligence or thinking power of the robots may cause harm or may not, that is not know till the current time, but it theoretically it may be useful for the humans to do many hard job to be done. In this regards, many of the modern age robots are motivated by the nature contributing to the area of robotics field that is bio-inspired. Swarm robotics is a new advancement in this art and science. With the coordination of multirobot systems, this part of robotics consists of large numbers of, specially, simple physical robots. Swarm robotic application is call for miniaturization i.e. nano-robotics or microbotics. It is for those tasks that require distributed sensing tasks such as micro machinery. It is also suited to the tasks that are related to cheap designs, many new forms of interactive art and many more. It is related to artificial swarm intelligence, in addition to the biological analysis of insects, ants and many other fields in the nature, wherever the swarm behavior appears. Research in this field of functionality and the uses of robots now have grown extensively to meet up with the certain diversified need of human beings. Throughout the history of robotics, it has been habitually seen that the robots imitate human behavior, and frequently handle jobs in the similar manner as human being does. These can be used in various practical purposes including domestic, commercial, or militarily purposes. Swarm robots mainly do jobs those are hazardous to people or beyond the human physical capabilities. For more detail, visit .

Introduction To Robotic Vision

Why is vision so important and how does it relate to automation? Answering this question can be very difficult and I will not answer it directly but prefer a heuristic way. Vision is of such importance because it allows us to import information into a computational system at a very rapid rate. For this process to be operational robots need a certain degree of intelligence. Getting information from the image is not a straight-forward task.

A vision system as used in manufacturing is a combination of hardware and software that enables the user to input a visual image of an object and then manipulate said object in some way. This process can be used for quality control, location proximity analysing and many other applications. The task of capturing an image and displaying has been achievable since the early twentieth century but extracting information from that image is a new concept. The number of mathematical calculations involved in this task is quite staggering and would overload all but the most powerful of processors. Not until low cost, visions enabled computers are available on the market, will they be able to be used in the every-day manufacturing market.

A vision system, at its most basic level consists of a video camera, a frame grabber to capture the image, software to manage the hardware, memory components for storage, a separate vision monitor to display the captured image, a camera stand to mount the camera and lastly the software to carry out the mathematical calculations.

The theory of visions and all its associated algorithms are beyond what I am going to discuss on this website but I am sure it will be covered in later articles. However I do feel it is important to discuss the basics of visions related concepts, as they will provide a foundation for what will be covered later. Even a fairly simple visions automation machine such as those used in common industrial manufacturing, require a lot of calculations to be carried out and a high-degree of computational power. There are many books available on this subject and there are also many publications on the internet.

Precision Developed Architectural Designs Plans

The advancement of technology in the field of architectural design and drawing continues to offer more benefits compared to the conventional use of paper and pen in designing. CAD or Computer Aided Designing entails the use of computers in the conceptualizing, designing, and analyzing of various technical drawings. CAD is also used extensively in architectural designs plans. It is also used in various other engineering applications such as mechanical, electrical, structural and civil. It is also used in modern graphics and animation design. It is a useful platform for designing various components and parts of different machines and mechanical equipments.

CAD allows the architects to design different types of structures including residential buildings, commercial structures, offices, and industrial facilities. They can plan and develop various floor plans and elevation details using this technology. CAD offers a great way for them to plan and create simple to complex designs. Additionally, they can also modify and edit the designs conveniently. As a result, the accuracy of the drawings increases, thus enhancing the overall quality of the design. Another major advantage of using CAD in developing architectural designs is that the plans can be easily observed and understood. Thus, the architects can show the designs to the clients and note down their inputs, as they can comprehend the plans without any difficulty.

CAD is used in creating technical drawings, engineering drafts and architectural blueprints. CAD allows the designers to observe and analyze the designs in a realistic manner using 3D views. Many companies offer reliable CAD services and they are in high demand with firms occupied in different industries. The CAD solutions offered by these companies are efficient and suit the business requirements put forward by the clients. They are well equipped with the latest resources and CAD tools that enable them to design and develop a wide variety of projects. They even employ qualified CAD designers and technicians who are experienced in this field.

The companies are very professional and ensure that the projects are completed within the stipulated time. The CAD drafting services offered by them are consistent in quality as they lay emphasis on attention to details. They also ensure that the data is kept intact. The CAD designing solutions are also easy to store. Any modifications can be saved effectively and so there is no information loss. The designs can even be transferred between different team members of the projects because of the electronic file format. Thus the workflow is also optimized, which is very important for the project completion.

Robots World


In science there are many of inventions arriving up. From that if we take Robotics which is very useful in the world.

Main Idea:

What is Robot

A robot can be programmed more than once, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks OR say simply a one-armed, blind idiot with limited memory and which cannot speak, see, or listen.

How Robot Works

A commercial robot works with accuracy, efficiency and speed. By understanding the main components helps to explain how a robot performs. They are Manipulator, End of Arm Tooling& Controller.

Manipulator: The manipulator allows the robot to extend, turn, and reach with varying degrees of freedom. The movements of the manipulator are identified by its axes of motion.

EOAT: The End of Arm Tooling works with the robot by manipulating the part. From welding torches, to grippers, or saws, End of Arm Tooling is an integral part of robotic anatomy.

Controller: The industrial robot works with the support and brain-power provided by the controller. Controllers are programmed using a hand-held device called a teach pendant. The Applications are stored in the controller, which conveys them to the robot.

Uses of Robots

Robots are used in many fields and some of them are:

Vehicle and car factories, Precision reducing, oxygen cutting, laser, mounting circuits on electronic devices (i.e. mobile phones) Working where there might be danger (i.e. nuclear leaks, bomb disposal), Surgeons are performing robotic-assisted surgeries that, among other things, can equalize little move to and fro and movements of a surgeon’s hands when doing delicate procedures, such as microscopically aided surgery or brain surgery, To assist police and SWAT teams in dangerous situations, such as with hostages or in capture outs and stand offs. Space the home the robots are very useful for entertainment.

Effects of robots

They will make all the people lazy and they probably will invade mankind. Robots are increasingly being used in place of human workers. Although this can generate higher profits for the manufacturer, the increased unemployment this creates is likely to have a negative effect on the economy as a whole. In science wonders the robots plays the key role.

Future in Robots

The robotic future is here, and it looks nothing like we thought it would. Instead of humanoid, highly intelligent robots that do our bidding, the future is increasingly one of robotic swarms, robotic quad rotors, and tiny robots no larger than insects that perform surgery. The robotics revolution, in short, is fast, cheap and out of control. Just as the computer revolution started with massive mainframes and evolved to the personal computer and handheld tablets, the robotics revolution is taking the same path it is evolving from large, expensive industrial robots to vaguely humanoid robots to cheap, small robots that follow you everywhere, thanks to built-in swarm intelligence. The robots of the future will be fast, and they will be cheap. And they will be out of management.


Depends on the usage the Robots it will useful to the human being. So using the technology in the appropriate way is very good instead of using in a misuse way.

Interact With A Computer By Speaking

Consider daily tasks on your computer. Most people surf the web and send a few emails within a day. While these tasks are rather simple and easy for most, they can be improved and made even faster. Technology only keeps improving and evolving, and now there are newer ways to interact with computers and involves the use of your voice.

When did you first learn to type? For many, it has only been a decade or so since they learned to type. However, for most, they learned how to speak at an early age because it’s the most fundamental way to communicate. Speaking is just natural and it’s fast. Take a naturally fast ability like speaking and combine it with a computer and you get voice recognition technology.

You may have heard of voice recognition software but not known what it can do. Well, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro capitalizes on the human ability to communicate through speech. Using this software in conjunction with your computer allows you to interact in a way like never before. You can now use your voice to command the computer to do exactly what you want. Whatever is on your mind, just say it and it will be done. Dragon NaturallySpeaking uses a microphone from several possible devices to capture speech and then interprets it through the software and commands the computer.

Take an everyday task like writing an email and add voice recognition software to the process. Instead of clicking on your email application, then on a new message and adding the contact information, subject and body content all with your mouse and keyboard, you can do it with your voice. Tell the computer to open your mail, to create a new message and to the contact of your choice, and then start saying what you want to put as the text. It’s that simple and it’s that natural.

Take this example of email and consider using voice recognition with nearly any task you conduct on the computer. So, you can now interact with documents, spreadsheets, pictures, the internet and other areas of the computer all with your voice and it’s easy. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro has built in commands and prompts you can use to easily guide your computer. If you think it’s possible, just say it and Dragon NaturallySpeaking will react to your speech. Computer users are enjoying the fluidity of the software and the productivity they are now receiving because they are completing tasks at a higher rate of speed.