Capture Ideas to Create Innovative Products And Services

In today’s challenging business environment organizations are struggling to gain global foothold by using various methods to capture and nurture ideas that can help them solve problems, stimulate an innovative environment and see them through the everyday challenges. Understanding the positive effects of creating and developing innovative products, the top management in enterprises today adopt various methods to capture ideas. Generating ideas can however be from both external and internal sources. This would mean that idea generation process can involve customers, employees, partners and others involved in the product development process. Such a platform for idea capturing not only helps in generating enthusiasm in employees to search for a solution but would also provide an enterprise with a repository of ideas. The development of new technology based weather forecast system to precisely depict the snow level as compared to adjacent districts and an Internet ready Shopping Mall enabling shoppers with a realistic 3D demonstrations of products are some of the innovative products at IBM. However, the product development brought with it the need for faster ways commercialize the product. The CEO at IBM then depended on his 346,000 strong workforce to ‘think out-of-box’ through the idea “Jam” – a massively parallel conference uniting the entire workforce across the geographical locations facilitating IBM to capture more than 52,000 ideas. Even when the Tata group of industries with a 117 year history, needed ideas for surviving the turbulent global recession, the Chairman made every employee an innovator. This helped the TATA’s tocapture ideas that helped not only see through the recession but has resulted in the large conglomerate with 15 enterprises under its umbrella with TCS alone contributing to an annual turnover of around $6 billion. To meet the growing need for idea inputs from the public, leading service providers have facilitated enterprises with crowdsourcing software to help them to capture ideas. Such efforts provide the enterprises with a platform that encourages participation of the people and brainstorming through building communities. Following the footsteps of IBM and Tata, others such as Whirlpool, Starbucks, Microsoft and Dell have also deployed idea management systems to tap the collective wisdom of their employees and customers. Whirlpool collected and pooled large number of ideas through crowdsourcing which made them richer by 7,500 ideas worth over US$3. 3B. All the ideas generated are managed and covered under the larger umbrella of idea management solutions. Every idea can be game changing, hence needs to be captured irrespective of it being small or large . The social media have also changed the way the new generation of consumer interests. Thus the social networking sites and the related professional sites are the effective zones to capture ideas. Further, the ability to collaborate is a critical element in collecting ideas. Such efforts on the part of the enterprise will facilitate new and viable products and services, enhancement of brand value and brand loyalty and provide a highly competitive edge.

3 Emotional Intelligence Tests That Have a Strong Track Record

Emotional intelligence tests (or EQ tests) are tools that can use to become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses in being able to perceive, understand and manage your own emotions.

With the completion of an EQ test, you’ll be able to use the feedback it provides to determine where you could improve your emotional intelligence skills for a successful life, and then find the right support you need to make that happen.

Three of the most well-known EQ tests that have a solid history of research and data are:

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) The EQ-i was developed to assess the Bar-On model of emotional intelligence, created by Dr. Reuven Bar-On. It consists of a self-report on 133 items and provides the participant with an overall EQ score, as well as individual scores related to 15 different sub-scales measuring different aspects of emotional intelligence.

The five areas the test covers are:Intra-personal – assessing your self-awareness and self-expressionInter-personal – the participant’s ability to interact well and get along with others.Adaptability – measuring one’s ability to see reality for what it is and be flexible, with the ability to solve problems effectively.Stress management – the ability to regulate and manage emotions in order to better handle stressful situationsGeneral mood – the ability to be positive and look on the brighter side of life.

2.The Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory (Genos EI) This test is designed to measure the consistency of emotionally intelligent behaviour in the workplace, and is a 360-degree assessment, meaning it utilizes multiple perspectives from other people who are engaged with the participant in the workplace, including their colleagues, subordinates,and managers.

It was developed by Dr Benjamin Palmer and Professor Con Stough from Swinburne University. The 7 key areas measured in this test include:

Emotional Self-Awareness – the skill of perceiving and understanding your own emotions.Emotional Expression – the skill of effectively expressing your own emotionsEmotional Awareness of Others – the skill of perceiving and understanding other people’s emotions.Emotional Reasoning – the skill of being able to use emotional information in making decisions.Emotional Self-Management – the skill of being able to manage your own emotions and impulses.Emotional Management of Others – the skill of influencing the moods and emotions of others.Emotional Self Control – the skill of effectively controlling the expression of strong emotions and think clearly in stressful situations.

3.The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) This test is like an IQ test for emotions. The psychologists who developed the test define emotional intelligence as the ability to reason with, and about emotions. The test is designed to measure four different abilities:

Perceiving Emotions – the ability to recognize how you and those around you are feeling.Using Emotions- the ability to generate emotions, and to use emotions in tasks such as problem-solving and creativity.Understanding Emotions- the ability to understand complex emotions and how emotions transition from one stage to anotherManaging Emotions- the ability to intelligently integrate emotions in yourself and others to use effective strategies aimed at achieving a positive outcome for both parties.

It is a performance based test, meaning that tools utilized include the participant’s response to pictures, multiple choice selections to emotional based scenarios, and defining emotional vocabulary.

Any EQ measurement or score resulting from one of these EQ tests is not a static trait, but can improved as you work toward greater self- awareness and increased emotional intelligence. Many people will often have a good idea generally of whether they would consider themselves to have high EQ, but it can often be tricky to discern the specific aspects of emotional intelligence where an individual’s strengths is where these well-researched EQ tests can be hugely beneficial. They provide you with this insight and the opportunity to learn more about what traits you might want to work on.

Major Points of Mobile Device Management

Employees bring in different types of devices like mobile phones and tablets within the enterprise. Mobile phones are used by the salesperson to communicate with the customers and co employees. With help of Smartphone’s they finalize deals with new clients. Tablets are used to edit the customers’ data by the field staff or the employees. Using their own devices helps to increase the productivity of the employees as well as generates more revenues for the business. These new devices launched in the market have posed lot of challenges in front of the IT teams. It increases the communication expenses along with it require much time in monitoring them. Every company needs the solution to manage corporate mobile devices. But finding the best mobile device management solution for the company is very cumbersome. To search for the best solution the business should know the requirements of their business. The company need to research on all the factors needed to find the new mobile management system.

Planning the Procurement Process:

The mobile management system starts with the streamlining the procurement process. The company has the consistent asset base which is used by them to puts the right mobile devices into the hands of users. The program administrator identifies the sources of hardware and them automates them. Purchase order tracking is also incorporated in this system. This helps the IT team to keep full check on the devices for later review and assessment.

Expense Management and Analytics:

Mobile device management solution is used to control the expenses on the company. With help of this solution whole data is located centrally so that access of it becomes easy. They can remotely update the application without the intervention of the user. If any user tries to download any unauthorized application the administrator will be notified immediately which helps in optimizing the communication expenses. This expense management system helps the company to know on one hand when the payment is due and on other hand helps in forecasting and budgeting.

Organizing the Mobile Lifecycle:

MDM tasks not only end with distribution of the mobile devices. Every employee within the organization needs to be well aware of the mobile device budget. MDM system gives the solution of this problem. This solution helps the users to access their usage and related costs so that they can be well aware of the budget. This system helps to manage the whole mobile lifecycle from the acquisition to replacement.

Comment is Free, Facts Are Sacred

What is the actual difference between a comment and a fact? A comment is one’s opinion about a thing, while a fact is the truth or reality. Here are some comments of people about recycling and their realities:

– COMMENT: We have lot of landfills, then why should we waste our time in recycling the waste?

FACT: While seeing this comment the great old saying comes into mind, “Thank God men can’t fly and lay waste in the sky as in Earth”. First let’s understand clearly that recycling does not only reduce the landfill usage. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces pollution, and reduces usage of energy. More technical, as organic matter in the disposal sites breakdown, it releases methane, a green house gas. By recycling we reduce the green house gases.

– COMMENT: Ugly recyle bins hamper the beauty of the city.

FACT: Nowadays recycle bins come in all shapes and sizes. Some look funny too. Some look like rabbits, some like kangaroos. “Kangaroo in city,” sounds good. Without these recycle bins the whole city will be a junk yard.

– COMMENT: Paper is easily bio-degradable and scrap paper won’t yield a great value in cash. So better throw it in a dustbin and walk off?

FACT: A business that makes nothing but money alone is poor business. One tonne of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, and 4100 kilo watts of energy and three cubic yards of landfill. So is recycling of paper worthy?

– COMMENT: We don’t even have enough time to drink beer and watch television. How could we spare time to collect the scrap all around, and help in recycling?

FACT: More aluminium is used to produce beverage cans than any other product. Waste aluminium-can will be turned into a new usable one in just six weeks. Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. And the important fact is 350,000 cans are produced per minute!

– COMMENT: Finally I don’t know what to do with the collected scrap.

FACT: There are recycle bins in every city where the scrap can be deposited. Scrap collected in homes will be collected by local vendors and we can get money out of scrap. Speaking about large scale, there are many websites that promote sales of scrap metal in the world market.


Definitely facts are important than comments. Get the facts, or the facts will get you. And when you get ’em, get ’em right, or they will get you wrong.

Doomsday on 21 December

When is the end of the world? 21st December 2012, yes it is what I have heard about and according to Mayan calendar; the current cycle of the world is due to end on this day. Do you believe in this? People still believe in it. In the 21st century with such an artificial intelligence, there are still superstitious individuals. No, the planet will not end this season, as also told by NASA that the planet is getting along just fantastic for more than 4 billion years and efficient scientists worldwide know of no danger associated with 2012. It is all because of the predictions for 2012. Few extra smart persons think beyond their limits.

This all started after the study of Mayan Calendar. It is not going to exist after December 21 so our earth will end. Oh! Please it is like you are talking about the gas of your cylinder is going to get over and you can’t cook anymore. It is mayans end of the world and not our planet. There will be a next day starting in that calendar similar to the one which will be started from January 1. And just you know they found the end of that Mayan routine, so that idea is out of the question. I don’t consider climate modify to be a big danger either, because the surroundings of the world changes a lot. Why do you think large reptiles like dinosaurs roamed the globe in historical times? And they just immediately went extinct? Because of the earth changing! That is what the globe does, it changes consistently. It is the transition of World Age into another.

I have never thought about end of world but if the world really was going to end, I think it would have something to do with electricity, oil, or natural gas running out and the society we know today collapsing. I think the planet will end eventually, but not any time soon. The scientists know we will eventually run out of these energy sources, so they are looking for an alternative source. And what you know about 2012? Only the end that’s it, this year has not only taken but had also given a lot. It differs from people to people, for some this year was good and for others might be bad.

Like I said, I never really considered about the end around the planet. For most people, I think, it never really happens to think that everything we know is going to end in problem someday! It is the very depressing way of life, but I think someone has to do it otherwise the planet would drop apart under the first problem that is faced! So thank you all those doomsayers out there! What would the planet do without you? For me, I am planning for New Year celebrations. Seriously you don’t have anything to worry about and there is no threat to our planet this year. So stop worrying and start preparation for going out somewhere with your family or friends for December 31 night.