Doomsday on 21 December

When is the end of the world? 21st December 2012, yes it is what I have heard about and according to Mayan calendar; the current cycle of the world is due to end on this day. Do you believe in this? People still believe in it. In the 21st century with such an artificial intelligence, there are still superstitious individuals. No, the planet will not end this season, as also told by NASA that the planet is getting along just fantastic for more than 4 billion years and efficient scientists worldwide know of no danger associated with 2012. It is all because of the predictions for 2012. Few extra smart persons think beyond their limits.

This all started after the study of Mayan Calendar. It is not going to exist after December 21 so our earth will end. Oh! Please it is like you are talking about the gas of your cylinder is going to get over and you can’t cook anymore. It is mayans end of the world and not our planet. There will be a next day starting in that calendar similar to the one which will be started from January 1. And just you know they found the end of that Mayan routine, so that idea is out of the question. I don’t consider climate modify to be a big danger either, because the surroundings of the world changes a lot. Why do you think large reptiles like dinosaurs roamed the globe in historical times? And they just immediately went extinct? Because of the earth changing! That is what the globe does, it changes consistently. It is the transition of World Age into another.

I have never thought about end of world but if the world really was going to end, I think it would have something to do with electricity, oil, or natural gas running out and the society we know today collapsing. I think the planet will end eventually, but not any time soon. The scientists know we will eventually run out of these energy sources, so they are looking for an alternative source. And what you know about 2012? Only the end that’s it, this year has not only taken but had also given a lot. It differs from people to people, for some this year was good and for others might be bad.

Like I said, I never really considered about the end around the planet. For most people, I think, it never really happens to think that everything we know is going to end in problem someday! It is the very depressing way of life, but I think someone has to do it otherwise the planet would drop apart under the first problem that is faced! So thank you all those doomsayers out there! What would the planet do without you? For me, I am planning for New Year celebrations. Seriously you don’t have anything to worry about and there is no threat to our planet this year. So stop worrying and start preparation for going out somewhere with your family or friends for December 31 night.